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Sample Presentations

What Your Customers Really Want… And How to Give It to Them

Talking consumer behavior & psychology

Talking consumer behavior & psychology

Why do some people choose to buy from you… while others choose to go elsewhere? Understanding social trends is a critical part of your sales process and if you want to thrive – and not just survive – you need to be able to pinpoint exactly why your customers do what they do. In this thrilling presentation, global trends expert Daniel Levine will take you on a deep dive to reveal what your customers are actually thinking and feeling. You will discover the real values and attitudes behind why they buy, understand trends that are quickly changing the consumer landscape, and learn from organizations, brands, and products that are embracing trends and change with spectacular results. In the space of an hour, Daniel will arm you with powerful tools your business can use to ride these same trends, attract more customers, and increase sales – in ways your competitors simply can’t. New trends and fresh rules are creating new winners and losers every day. Which will you be?

Killer Customer Service: Trends With Benefits

Tech trends in the workplace

Tech trends in the workplace

Is your next customer a hair-trigger away from abandoning your business… forever? What your customer expects from you is increasingly set and shaped outside your industry, which means your customer experience has probably fallen behind. If you don’t know how to meet these mysterious demands – let alone what they even are – your customers will go elsewhere. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this mind-blowing presentation, Daniel Levine will tear aside the curtain and reveal the new trends and expectations that are raising the bar on customer care. Clearly see the real ways your customers are researching, trying and buying, and discover how the world’s best companies are serving their customers in ways you can replicate – and exceed. While this presentation is inspirational, funny and packed with amazing visuals, the emphasis is on the practical: Daniel will equip you with the real-world tools and strategies you need to surpass customer expectations, stay ahead of the trends, and generally up your game.

What Employees Really Want… 5 Trends Shaping the New World of Business

Keynote Speaker Sessions

It’s all about exceeding expectations

Not only is the world of work changing, it is changing faster than ever before as competitors implement new programs and enticements to lure top talent. This survey of the world’s most successful and innovative workplaces will give you a sneak peek inside best-in-class businesses, along with uncanny insight into the decision-making process of prospective employees. You will discover the secrets of attraction and retainment and the surprising ways in which some companies are riding the latest trends to turbocharge their workplaces. You will discover how the world’s smartest businesspeople are transforming their offices, offerings, marketing and brands to beat their competition and forge indelible bonds with colleagues. Learn what today’s workers really want and discover the trends that will transform your employees into a fiercely loyal army. The future of work doesn’t belong to the largest or the strongest companies, but the ones most adaptive to change. This presentation will give you what you need to stand out.

7 Trends That Will Forever Change Your Business… And Your Life

Workplace trends for every business

Workplace trends for every business

As a business leader, knowing what is now isn’t enough – you also need to know what will be, or you’re gone. Tomorrow’s world will look vastly different from today’s, so strap on your jetpack and get ready for an exhilarating “advance preview” of the most spectacular and useful tech-driven trends that are guaranteed to shake up your world. In a rollicking presentation packed with keen insights, you will get a “sneak peek” into the contemporary culture of tomorrow – and the changes that are revolutionizing the way you work, live and consume. Daniel will treat you to a glimpse of everything that matters – from the future of ecology, technology, transportation and medicine, to communications, business, and human relationships. And he will put it into perspective and connect the dots so you know what it means for your business. If you aren’t ready for tomorrow’s world you’ll be swallowed up by more nimble competitors. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the game.

Luxury Trend Secrets: How to Sell Stuff To Rich People

Trends in luxury marketing

Trends in luxury marketing

The world’s richest people regularly claim that they value experiences over tangible items. That’s great for the travel industry – but if you sell physical objects how can you embrace this trend to win customers and boost your sales? In this presentation, Daniel Levine guides you through more than a dozen hidden social trends that go far beyond “price” and “prestige” to unearth the most irresistible tools of persuasion you can use to market to the rich. In just one hour you will get introduced to the most significant social trends powering luxury consumer markets; find out how the world’s most creative companies in almost every industry are responding to these trends, and discover easy and effective strategies you can immediately use to attract the world’s best customers. Don’t leave a huge share of your revenue on the table: This presentation gives you the tools you need to get to and stay at the top.

Trends Intensive: Hands‐On Masterclass

Hands-On Trends MasterClass

Learning by doing: Trends MasterClass

You can learn a lot by attending a presentation. But true working knowledge comes from rolling up your sleeves and putting it all into action. Now that you have experienced one of Daniel Levine’s world-class trends presentations, this is your opportunity to open your mind, explore possibilities and put your new-found expertise to work. In this intensive interactive workshop you’ll get hands‐on experience creating real, actionable products, services and marketing initiatives – all inspired by the innovative power of trends. With personal supervision from the world’s most respected trends expert, you will learn exactly how embracing trends can lead to higher consumer engagement and more revenue for your company. Then you will discover a simple methodology to create trends‐based initiatives – and walk away with the confidence to implement them. Some of the world’s highest-ranking CEOs have made huge changes in their business as a result of what they learned from Daniel. Don’t pass up on your chance to get that same expertise for your business.

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